Specializations Exams

TCRA offers the only credentialing program available in Texas.  Earning these prestigious credentials enhances your professional stature.  It takes time dedication and time but like any advanced process, is well worth the effort! 

Texas Certified Realtime Reporter (TCRR) Skills Exam only
Texas Merit Reporter (TMR) Skills & Written Exam
CART Provider (CART) Skills & Written Exam

Skills Exam Portions of Specialization Exams:
The TCRR Skills exam is now available online!
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*Please know that we are in the process of getting TMR Skills exams online, and then CART will follow. We will update you as soon as they are completed.

Written Exam Portions of Specialization Exams:
The online written exams can be taken at anytime. Fill out the registration form below to sign up.

Click here for more information about the exams. (Candidate Packet)
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Speed Cup Contest
The Speed Cup is awarded to the reporter displaying the highest accuracy and speed in a timed writing. The dictation speeds are 220 wpm Literary, 230 wpm Legal Opinion, and 280 wpm Q&A. In order to qualify, a contestant must have at least 95% accuracy in all three categories. Registrants must be a TCRA Professional member, NCRA member, a current resident of Texas and a Registered Merit Reporter. Registrants must also bring their own equipment, extension cord, and a power strip.

Realtime Contest
This competition consists of five minutes of Q&A dictation at 200 wpm written via realtime to a computer, no editing allowed. The contestants must create an ASCII file of the unedited contest material and in order to qualify, they must have at least 96% accuracy. Registrants must be a Texas CSR, a TCRA Professional member and a current resident of Texas. Contestants must bring their own equipment, extension cord, power strip and provide backup media.

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