Job Details - Official Court Reporter - Hays County District Court
Hays County District Court
San Marcos, TX
Job Information
Position Description:

Salary Range Minimum
$6,211.54 - $7,000.00 Monthly
Education and/or Experience
•High School diploma
•Experiences as a stenographer reporter recording and transcribing verbatim proceedings in a court system.
•Successful completion of a court reporting education program, including supervised internship.
Other Qualifications, Certificates, Licenses, Registrations
•Current Certified Shorthand Reporter (CSR) license from the Supreme Court of the State of Texas. This includes a minimum of 10 hours of continuing education (including a minimum of 2 l/2 hours in Ethics/Rules) every 2 years as required to maintain license.
•Membership in the National Court Reporter’s Association and the Texas Court Reporter’s Association is preferred.
Required Skills
•Makes verbatim records of trials and legal proceedings.
•Produces an accurate typewritten Reporter’s Record, in the format required of any court proceeding requested by any party, and if applicable, files the Reporter’s Record with the Court of Appeals, or Texas Supreme Court by the due date.
•Acts as custodian of all admitted exhibits during trial, and upon completion of trial, files all admitted exhibits with the clerk of the court.
•Prepares and files monthly with the Judge of the court and the Court of Appeals the amount of work that has been ordered to be transcribed.
•Prepares and maintains a tracking method to document venue, case number, date of proceedings and participants involved.
•Preserves records for future reference for three years from the date on which they were taken.
•Knowledge of court regulations, policies and procedures.
•Knowledge of Code of Judicial Conduct.
•Knowledge of criminal procedure, civil procedure, penal code and legal reference materials.
•Knowledge of court reporting principles, methods, equipment and practices.
•Skill in performing court reporting duties such as preparing verbatim transcriptions of court proceedings.
•Skill in operating specialized court reporting equipment and software.
•Skill in gathering, compiling and maintaining complex records.
•Skill in reading, understanding and following state and local laws relating to criminal procedure, civil procedure, penal code and court administration.

Contact Information
Amanda Barrios
How To Apply

In order to be considered for employment with Hays County submit the following documents:
• Hays County Application
• Cover Letter
• Resume
Find Hays County Employment Applications at:
• Pre-printed forms at the Hays County Human Resources department
• Request PDF forms from via email
You may submit your application documents in any of the following ways:
• Hand-deliver to 712 South Stagecoach Trail, Suite 1063, San Marcos, TX 78666
• Fax: 512-393-2227
• Email:

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