Job Details - Official Court Reporter - 444th District Court - Cameron County
444th District Court - Cameron County
Brownsville, TX
$94,077.00 - $94,077.00 per Year
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QUALIFICATIONS: Graduation from High School or General Education Development (GED) Certificate plus training and/or experience which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform fundamental duties. Must hold a current certification as a Certified Shorthand Reporter through the Supreme Court of Texas, and must keep certification current; Must perform real-time court reporting and have all necessary equipment and software for said court reporting. Knowledge and ability to apply correct English grammar, spelling, and punctuation, including legal and medical terminology; ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with the District Clerk's office and all parties involved in a case; knowledge of courtroom and legal terminology, and familiarity with courtroom procedures. Must have a valid Texas Driver's License.


DESCRIPTION OF DUTIES: This is a responsible non-supervisory position. Duties include reporting all proceedings in the court and preparing an accurate transcript of the proceedings for appeal or future court use when requested, including all physical evidence offered and received during the trial of the case. Realtime court reporting of all requested proceedings will be provided to the Court. Assists other district court reporters when needed. Performs other related duties as required.


This is not a Civil Service covered position.


BENEFITS: Cameron County Offers Excellent Fringe Benefits, Including: Health and Life Insurance Protection, Sick and Annual Leave, Retirement System and Paid Holidays. Cameron County has a mandatory direct deposit payroll program.

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Cameron County
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