Job Details - Official Court Reporter - 63rd District Court
Val Verde County
Del Rio, TX
$75,000.00 - $95,000.00 per Year
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Job Information
Position Description:

Val Verde County has a vacancy in Del Rio, TX for a Court Reporter. The 63rd and District Court is seeking a qualified applicant to fill the full-time positions.

The Court Reporter, under the general direction of the Court Coordinator, creates verbatim record of Court proceedings. Transcribes and produces typewritten transcripts, as required.

1.    Performs court reporting activities in the assigned courtroom or off-site hearing location, including but not limited to, verbatim recordings of all types of Court proceedings, operating stenographer machines.
2.    Marking exhibits, requesting clarification of testimony and reading back required testimony, or any proceeding as directed by the District Judge.
3.    Placing identifying marks on supplemental material for inclusion in finished transcript.
4.    Identifying participants by name.
5.    Reading aloud statements of participants as requested during proceedings.
6.    Prepares a written transcript for filing in the Court file when requested to do so by the Court pursuant to court rules and statutes.
7.    Preparing and distributing transcripts and related reports and documents.
8.    Making final check for technical accuracy and pagination.
9.    Maintain files and records of notes indexed to facilitate ready reference.
10.  Furnishes without delay a certified transcript of the official record at the request of any party other than the Court. Note: The preparation of any transcript ordered by a party other than the Court shall be done at the expense of the party ordering the transcript and shall not be prepared during the Court Reporter's normal work hours.
11.  Obtains and performs set-up of videotapes and equipment for courtroom use.
12.  Performs related work as required. (Position may not include all the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all the duties, which may be performed or supervised.)

1-year work experience as a CSR. Proficient typing and word processing skills necessary for the creation and compilation of various documents, communications and reports. Computer skills necessary to effectively utilize word processing, database, spreadsheet applications, and court reporting equipment and software. Interpersonal skills necessary to communicate with Court personnel in the exchange of information and provide courteous and accurate information and responses to the public. Mental ability to frequently handle pressures related to meeting deadlines, fulfilling scheduling requirements, simultaneous handling of multiple projects, disruptions due to people and noise, and dealing with concerns of citizens and employees. Experience as a shorthand reporter, with additional specialized training in verbatim recording and documentation of spoken language.

High School Graduate or knowledge normally acquired through the completion of college, AND an NCRA-accredited shorthand reporting school.    Must possess a current Certified Shorthand Reporter license as required by the rules of the Court Reporters Certification Board, and the Texas Government Code, Chapter 52.021.
$75,000 - $95,000 per year in addition to transcript fees and fees for reporters' records. Benefits include Health, Dental, Life Insurance and Retirement, paid vacation and sick time. Dental, Life Insurance and Retirement, paid vacation and sick time.

Contact Information
Juanita Barrera
Val Verder Human Resources
How To Apply

Qualified Applicants can submit a resume to:
Val Verde County
c/o Juanita Barrera, HR Director
400 Pecan St, 3rd Floor
Del Rio, TX 78840


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