Job Details - Official Court Reporter - 420th District Court - Nacogdoches County
Nacogdoches County
Nacogdoches, TX
$60,000.00 - $70,000.00 per Year
Job Information
Position Description:

This position is in the 420th District Court. The Court Reporter keeps a verbatim reporting and recording of all court proceedings and preserves the notes for future reference. In addition, the incumbent is responsible for filing records with appellate courts and performing other duties as assigned. This position requires state certification by the State of Texas Court Reporter Certification Board.


Essential Functions of the Job  

  • Secures and files all exhibits accordingly
  • Accurately records verbatim shorthand notes of all proceedings in the district court
  • Operates a stenograph machine including computer aided transcription equipment
  • Edits and proofs stenograph notes
  • Produces accurate reporter records of district court proceedings in format set out by the Texas Supreme Court
  • Timely files all original criminal and civil reporter records with the Court of Appeals
  • Timely files all capital murder reporter records with the Court of Criminal Appeals in Austin
  • Responds to attorneys’ inquiries and requests 
  • Additional duties as assigned or needed
  • Perform necessary research to verify case citations and spelling of legal, medical, and other terms
  • Prepare and read back all and/or portions of the official court proceedings upon instruction from the judge
  • Renew professional association memberships
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software problems

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Knowledge of computer software for reporter’s records
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Current knowledge of all changes made to the Format Manual by the Texas Supreme Court or the Court Reporter’s Certification Board
  • Knowledge of modern office methods, English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation
  • Excellent listening skills
  • Knowledge of legal and medical terminology

Physical Requirements           

  • Ability to sit for long periods of time
  • Ask judge and other speakers for clarification of testimony to ensure an accurate record
  • Ability to hear and see
Contact Information
Pam Sowell
420th District Court - Nacogdoches County
How To Apply

Please submit a resume along with the job application found here: