Job Details - Official Court Reporter - Probate Court - Denton County
Probate Court - Denton County
Denton, TX
$120,160.00 - $120,160.00 per Year
Job Information
Position Description:

The Court Reporter is responsible for capturing a verbatim record of live court proceedings and providing real time translation to the judge and timely rough transcripts to the Judge and court staff. This position tracks and maintains exhibits and prepares accurate transcriptions of required proceedings
for attorneys and/or the Court of Appeals. The Court Reporter attends sessions of court, properly transcribes the examination and testimony of witnesses, judicial opinions, judge's charges to the jury, and judgments or sentence of the Court.

Examples of Duties

Transcribes any records ordered by the judge, attorneys, or parties to the cases; proofreads rough drafts; researches and corrects transcripts.

Marks and maintains exhibits as necessary; copies exhibits that have been admitted into evidence as part of record production; maintains care and custody of exhibits until turned over and files with Clerk's office.

Takes dictation by judge.

Makes phone calls and transports files on behalf of the judge.

Files reporter records and correspondence with the Court of Appeals.

Backs up all files at end of day and maintains all admitted exhibits until filed with the Clerk's office.

Discloses record orders to all parties and attorneys concerned.

Regular and punctual attendance is required.

Performs other duties and assignments as required.

Required Skills:

High School Diploma or GED, completion of some college level course work and a minimum five years of experience in a related field; or an equivalent combination of education and related experience required.

Must be able to demonstrate proficiency in Real Time writing.

Valid certification as a Shorthand Reporter by the Supreme Court of Texas required.  Certification as a Merit Reporter and Real-time Reporter preferred.

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Denton County
Probate Court - Denton County
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