Job Details - Official Court Reporter - 356th District Court - Hardin County
356th District Court - Hardin County
Kountz, TX
Job Information
Position Description:

Attends all sessions of the court. Takes full shorthand notes of oral
testimony offered before the court, including objections made to the
admissibility of evidence, court rulings and remarks on the objections,
and exceptions to the rulings. Takes full shorthand notes of closing
arguments if requested to do so by the attorney or a party to the case,
including objections to the arguments, court rulings and remarks on the
objections, and exceptions to the rulings. Read portions of shorthand
notes to resolve disputes of testimony, argument, or matters of law upon
request of the trial court. Files all exhibits or necessary documents with
the clerk of the court. Preserves all shorthand notes for future reference,
as per statutory guidelines. Furnishes a verbatim transcript, as per
statutory guidelines, of the reported evidence, including necessary
exhibits or documents, or other proceedings, in whole or in part,
utilizing his/her expertise of one of the following means: computer-
aided transcription equipment; ability to perform real-time
transcriptions; typewriter dictation equipment through services of
reporter-employed note reader; certifies to the accuracy of the
verbatim transcript produced, as per statutory guidelines. Performs
such other related duties as may be assigned.

SALARY: Depending on experience
BENEFITS: Fringe benefit package


Required Experience:

High school diploma or GED; attendance of or graduation from a Court
Reporting College or Court Reporting School; Associates Degree in
Applied Science for Court and Conference reporting preferred. Must
be a currently Certified Shorthand Reporter as recognized by the
Supreme Court of Texas. Must have at least two (2) years experience
as a full-time Certified Shorthand Reporter. Must possess the ability to
deal with Supreme Court Justices, Appellate Court Justices, District
Court Judges, County Court Judges, Court Master, Attorney, Parties to
a lawsuit, Jurors, and the Public. Must have extensive knowledge of
Appellate Court rules pertaining to the duties of his/her office. Must
have knowledge of legal and medical terminology. Must have general
knowledge of the court system.

Contact Information
Debbie Mendisabal
356th District Court - Hardin County
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Fax: (409) 246-5139

Hand Deliver: HR Department, Room B 107

Or mail to:
Hardin County – HR Department
P O Box 817
Kountze, TX 77625

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