Court Reporting Schools in Texas
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Student Membership
Any student of shorthand reporting who is certified by a court reporter training program instructor or director as being currently enrolled in said program. Memberships run September 1st through August 31st.
Click here to join online or to download the application.

Jaye Thompson Student Scholarship

The scholarship was established by TCRA to assist court reporting students
with education and/or professional development expenses.
Up to $2,500 is awarded to the recipient at the Annual Convention.

Click here for the Scholarship Application, Guidelines and Verification form.

Applicant must:
1. Be a Student Member of TCRA by November 1, 2017;
2. Be reporting through use of shorthand machine method;
3. Be reporting at a minimum of 100 wpm;
4. At time of application, provide Texas court reporting school professor/instructor verification form; and
5. Be currently enrolled and in actual attendance in a Texas court reporting school. Student members enrolled in an online program offered by a Texas school must provide a letter of recommendation from a TCRA Professional Member.

Application Process:
Application and forms are available on the TCRA website.

Application Deadline:
July 9, 2018

Essay Requirements:
1. Must be a minimum of 1,000 words;
2. Must be accompanied by the application and verification form;
3. Must be double-spaced, typed on 8 1/2 x 11 white paper with one-inch margins;
4. Must be written using proper English grammar and punctuation; and
5. Do not include name or any identifying information on the essay.

If you are interested in donating towards the scholarship fund, please click here.

2017 Scholarship Recipient - Hayley Tucker from Del Mar College

Past Scholarship Recipients
Hayley Tucker (2017); Marina Garcia (2016); Kathleen Santibanez (2015); Veronica Walker (2014); Kim Weitekamp (2013); Janet Saavedra (2012); Veronica Walker (2011); Ida Vaiz (2010); Kristen Faubus (2009); Chaquana Harper (2008)

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