The Legislative fund helps defray the costs of lobbying even during non-legislative years.
Your contribution goes towards the TCRA Texas Stars of Honor Program.

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Since 1939, TCRA has been the foundation for court reporters. That is 80 years of representing and protecting our incredible profession.

The government has the potential to do something TO you or FOR you every day. TCRA is advocating and diligently fighting to represent you legislatively. We monitor legislation and disseminate crucial information affecting our court reporting profession.


We have dedicated this campaign to bring awareness to the importance and crucial need for Legislative Funds. As with everything, good representation costs money. We have excellent lobbyists in place.

You may say, well, part of my membership dollars go towards a lobbyist. TCRA membership fee is $150 and $15 of that is allowed to come out for our legislative fund. If you multiply that by 1,000, that’s $15,000 and that pays for only part of the costs. Your TCRA Board has done their due diligence to obtain the best representation for you. Now we ask you to do your due diligence in supporting our efforts.

Your contribution goes towards the TCRA Texas Star Program. Receive Texas Star pins for your contributions and wear them proudly!

Bronze Star - Received after you have donated a total of $100
Silver Star - Received after you have donated a total of $350
Gold Star - Received after you have donated a total of $850
Diamond Star - Received after you have donated a total of $1850

Please take a minute to invest and take part in protecting your future. Any amount is appreciated. Thank you for your continued support and trust in TCRA.

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