Job Details - Official Court Reporter - 244th District Court - Ector County
244th District Court - Ector County
Odessa, TX
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Position Summary

A Certified Shorthand Reporter, under general supervision, makes a verbatim record of court proceedings, and produces transcripts.

Job Description


  • Must comply with the Code of Ethics and Chapter 52 of the Government Code
  • Machine Shorthand verbatim record of all court proceedings
  • Transcribe all court records on appeal in accordance with Uniform Format Manual and appellate guidelines
  • E-file all appellate records with the courts of appeals
  • Provide written transcripts of all proceedings upon request
  • Planning and scheduling related to court reporting transcript deadlines
  • Maintain accurate court proceedings log
  • Capture spoken dialogue with specialized equipment, including stenography machines, and covered microphones
  • Report speakers’ identification
  • Read or play back all or a portion of the proceedings upon request from the judge
  • Ask speakers to clarify inaudible or unclear statements or testimony
  • Provides copies of transcripts and recordings to the courts, counsels, and parties involved
  • Preserve shorthand notes for future reference, per statutory guidelines
  • Mark and retain all exhibits introduced in court proceedings
  • Schedule a Certified Shorthand Reporter to serve in your absence
  • Regular attendance and timeliness are required



  • High School Diploma or GED
  • Successful completion of Certified Shorthand Reporting Program and be licensed by The Supreme Court of Texas as a Certified Shorthand Reporter



  • Valid Texas Driver License (Class C)
  • Must be a State of Texas Certified Shorthand Reporter (certification must be renewed every two years)
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with court staff, judges, County employees, attorneys and the general public
  • Ability to work expeditiously and accurately under pressure (stressful situations) while maintaining a professional manner
  • Knowledge of computer equipment to include Windows and Microsoft based products
  • Must have good public communication skills and patience for telephone calls and in-person inquiries

Preferred but not required:             

  • Two or more years’ experience in court reporting operations
  • Real-time reporting capabilities (does not have to be a CRR)
  • Registered Professional Reporter
  • Member of TCRA and/or NCRA

 All Employees

o      Must be committed to achieving excellence in assigned duties, always in service of the county and community

o      Must have ability to earn and keep the trust of fellow employees and the community at large

o      Must be approachable and ready to help fellow employees and the general public

ENVIRONMENTAL AND PHYSICAL DEMAND REQUIREMENTS:  Friendly and steady district court.   Frequent contact with the public and other County employees.  Court reporter will need to provide own equipment and computer, etc.   

HOURS / SPECIAL CONDITIONS:   9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

SALARY:  $42.89 per hour/ $89,214.63 (annual salary)

COUNTY BENEFITS: (For more information, please contact Roger Epps)

Contact Information
Roger Epps
244th District Court - Ector County
Email Address:
How To Apply

Please send resumes to: Roger Epps, CSR
Phone number: (432) 290-2283

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