Job Details - Official Court Reporter - 4th District Court - Rusk County
Rusk County
Henderson, TX
$64,572.00 - $64,572.00 per Year
Job Information
Position Description:

Position Description:

Applicant must have a Certified Shorthand Reporter License.  This position records in steno verbatim all court proceedings, non-jury as well as jury.  Provide written transcripts of all proceedings appealed.  Make sure all exhibits introduced into evidence are preserved and receipted to the District Clerk for storage.


This rural District Court has both civil and criminal proceedings, no divorces.  Reporter reports to one judge.  Benefits include retirement plan, health insurance, paid vacation and sick leave.


Salary:  $64,572 plus an average of $16,800 in transcripts each year the last two years.




Contact Information
Kim Jones
4th District Court
Email Address:
How To Apply

Contact Information:

Kim Jones, Court Coordinator

Rusk County Courthouse

115 North Main Street, Suite 303

Henderson, TX 75652


Phone:  (903) 657-0358

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